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Continue to use ETKA 7.5 and updates ....
04-27-2017, 12:02 PM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2017 12:14 PM by muuu.)
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VW-SEAT-SKODA-AUDI Continue to use ETKA 7.5 and updates ....
Hello friends,
I am leaving you a viable solution so far, to continue using ETKA 7.5 (loader) and with the possibility of updating so far (including prices)
all credits maintained, open the zip file and follow all tuturial process.
The file is available here!

Downloader for International, ETKA (version, EXE-file to be installed)

Germany loader for ETKA (version, EXE-file to be installed)
Downloader for International, ETKA / Germany (version, ZIP-archive)
Database of WIN-s (1'202'671 pcs., Updated 03.02.2017, SQLite format, ZIP-archive)

Selection version (7.3, 7.4 or 7.5) to run;
Integration with the update utility of brands and price tags (attached);
Control the availability of downloaded but not yet installed updates, to prevent problems when they are installed in versions 7.3 and 7.4;
Check and, if necessary, the creation of the renamed installation log files updates for version 7.3 (upd the X YYYZ.log -> updYYYZ.log);
Off function of the form of warnings " the ERROR SGD " of non-compliance versions of graphic files for ETKA 7.3;
Support for reading user-WIN files from a folder FGST (or from user-defined folders) for ETKA 7.4 and ETKA 7.5 by analogy with version 7.3 (for ETKA 7.5, this feature is available only in the full version );
The ability to use a database guilty (SQLite format only ETKA 7.4 and ETKA 7.5). Integration with the appropriate utility that allows the user to edit the contents of the database (included, available only in the full version );
The possibility of using a local folder TNRPICS (picture detail) to ETKA 7.5 by analogy with versions 7.3 and 7.4;
To view and edit the timing of current relevance update separately for each of the brands (including "weaning" from the requirement for a period of updates until 2037);
"Quiet" mode that allows you to immediately run the required version of ETKA without displaying the boot loader of the window;
Automatic selection of the loader interface language.
[Image: 8e508415cc9726482504a1f75107cb91.jpeg][Image: a7893cbd53cd0d5a0f640490cfa8154c.jpeg]
[Image: a8dcb9da581fb04ac38a72ff0748abdb.jpeg][Image: e134213769759d2873cd2d420a91d880.jpeg]
[Image: 03454e90f3982d1dd0efd9f006f2424f.jpeg]


Three operating modes loader: unregistered, restricted and full. Features unregistered mode:
Only possible switching versions and launch ETKA. All other functionality is disabled
The loader goes into unregistered mode in the event that the registration data is entered or the key validity ended. Features a limited operating modes:
an expiration date is limited
No support for reading WIN files for ETKA 7.5
Utility to work with the database is not available guilty
To work in a limited mode, use the following registration information (the key is valid until 31.12.2018):
Name : by anonymous
key : QSZ-GWAHZ-3EAWY-F9GCN-2VEYW-YXKPT-HK2PU-VT6J2-JKAZ7-4JFPW-BBCRP Features full operating mode:
No limit on the period of validity of the key and functionality
There are binding to the PC, ie It requires a separate key to each workstation
Full mode allows you to eliminate the use of obsolete ETKA 7.3 / 7.4 with all their available currently lacks. Furthermore, acquiring full key, you support the further development of this project. Details LAN or e-mail. mail . PS To change the key (operation), delete the file " EtLdr.key ", in the folder with your current boot version. A version 0.7.3.x loader to remove the key can be directly in its settings, using respectively. button
[Image: a5164dec0efe211d3269814a40b58154.jpeg] [Image: e11694d47a56b1b4658c83f9194f5c20.jpeg]


Attached to the structure of the folders ETKA current distribution;
In the case of installation in ETKA "nonstandard" folder use parameter / etkapath (i.e., the "object" shall be: "x: \ path to the loader \ EtLdr.exe" / etkapath "x: \ path to ETKA ");
The default language of the loader interface is English , ie namely it will be used for all non-Russian OS;
The password on those files where it is required to decompress: algeni


Download the installation EXE-file. Uninstall the previous version of the bootloader and run the installer.
Download the file and unzip it. Get the folder " EtkaLdr " with the contents. Remove (and better - move somewhere to stay the possibility of roll back in case of problems), the entire contents of the folder where you stored the current version of the boot loader (bootloader folder can be viewed in the shortcut properties to run it on your desktop), and Copy the entire contents "folder EtkaLdr " there. After this folder " EtkaLdr " can be removed. Just after checking, do not forget to remove the files of the previous version of the bootloader, if you move them, and not removed immediately. Important! To avoid possible problems, you must first upgrade your ETKA up to date, and after - the loader, since the latest version of the loader is always adapted to the current version of the system files ETKA , P.S. In order not to enter registration data again, do not delete the file " EtLdr.key ", in the folder with your current boot version.


Using a database has a number of advantages over storing individual WINE files, including smaller size, it occupied on the disk (up to 4-5 times), and fast search and editing of information that are difficult for a large number VIN files stored in the same folder. The disadvantage of this approach is that the use of this database is only possible ETKA versions 7.4 and 7.5 , but not possible in version 7.3, which uses its own internal tools for working with the TASTING files, does not depend on the loader.

You can use the specified database in conjunction with standard SID files or replace them. Just put the database file " EtLdrVins.db " in FGST folder (or another folder that you specified in the boot loader's settings). No further action is required. The loader first checks the availability of the required VIN file, and if it is not, try to find the appropriate user SID in the database.

And, of course, you can edit it (ie add / delete fault) or even create from zero your database relevant to you is guilty of themselves.


For the release of ETKA, as well as its support in the form of actual thank andyl .
For technical assistance, advice and ideas thanks andyl and tosha2042 .
For an extensive database guilty thank andyl .
For assistance in the completion of this base thanks tosha2042 .
For some ideas thank Krosik and Aleksander_67 .
For English translation thanks kbatpo
and for Muuu to sharing Big Grin

Click the "THANKS" button, help to be helped!

Thank you, we will continue to grow!

muuu, proud to be a member of GarageForum since Nov 2015.
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01-01-2019, 07:06 AM
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RE: Continue to use ETKA 7.5 and updates ....
ETKA loader for 2019 ( with valid password ) already available ?

jimy, proud to be a member of GarageForum since Apr 2015.
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04-01-2019, 03:35 PM (This post was last modified: 04-01-2019 03:36 PM by alihamdi.)
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RE: Continue to use ETKA 7.5 and updates ....
Thank you bro for your effort, I wanna ask you if I use ETKA 7.5 can I update it to 8.0 or 8.1?
thank you

(01-01-2019 07:06 AM)jimy Wrote:  ETKA loader for 2019 ( with valid password ) already available ?
Yes, there are a valid loader but not full VIN database, you should buy full Loader from algeni.

alihamdi, proud to be a member of GarageForum since Nov 2018.
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